Monday, April 27, 2009

archeology dig

This weekend I whipped out my old laptop and combed through my documents folder in search of some old music I thought I had lost. Sure, I found the music, but then I uncovered a treasure chest of awesomeness. We're talking e-journal entries a-la Doogie Howser from my freshman and sophomore years of college, letters to friends back home, and hilarious religion papers. I wish I could post some things I wrote on here, but really I'd be too embarrassed. One letter made me cringe. I found myself sounding like Peyton on One Tree Hill, with sentence after sentence crying about how people always leave. Next up all I need to do curl my hair and slap on a black leather jacket and I will really be the next Petyon.

Other unearthed treasures include my first resume (wow, if I read that now as an employer, I wouldn't hire me), notes from my first and only PR class (which I could use now!) and a detailed journal entry of going to a hockey game and seeing my ex with his new fiance. Awesome!