Monday, February 23, 2009

karaoke dreams shot

Oh Pat Benetar, where art thou? Apparently not on the playlist on the fancy karaoke machine Meg rented for her birthday party last weekend.

My favorite karaoke song, Love Is A Battlefield was not one of the hundreds of choices, leaving me to Sheryl Crow with Jon Waters and Jen Flanary, Barry Manilow's Mandy with Meg, and several other group numbers.

But my number? No where to be found.

I'm telling you, that crowd missed out.

Friday, February 6, 2009

a lot of love to give

I have a big heart.

No, I'm not bragging about how compassionate I am. I really do have a really big heart.

Can you die from a big heart? No idea, but I do know my doctor is nervous. Apparently my aorta is enlarged. Normally I go in and get an echo cardiogram once every 2-3 years. I went in today for my routine test.

Everything else looks good. The old problems are still there, but haven't gotten worse. But for some reason my aorta is large. Now the doctor wants me to come back in six months for another test.

Oh joy.