Sunday, September 27, 2009

in the footsteps of greatness

I went to the BYU football game yesterday, and ran into a few BYU greats.

On the walk into the game, I literally almost ran right into BYU's President, Elder Cecil Samuelson. We did that awkward dance of, "Are you going left, or are you going right?" then he sheepishly said hello. I thought it was cute.

I'm sure Elder Samuelson had much better seats, and he probably got a free catered meal. I starved while watching the Cougs (they won by the way):

After the game we went over to the Brick Oven to buy some soup, and guess who was also in the takeout line? Oh yes, the great Lavell Edwards! I was too embarrassed to say anything to him. But I thought it was cool he was smart enough to call in his order, while we had to wait for them to cook ours.

The best moment of the day, however, came when seeing this man:

REALLY? Really... bare feet in the stands of Lavell Edwards Stadium? That's just wrong.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

opportunity to serve

(props to Shanna, as i'm totally copying her blog and posting it here, only with my name attached. we are working together to help our friend here at work)

i am not a fundraiser-er.

in fact, i loathe fundraisers. i hate asking people for money. i'm not a sales person and i definitely am not a fan of being asked to "donate" $20 for a tiny box of candy bars for the local elementary school.

however, i love serving.
i love helping people.
i love providing as much assistance as i can.

so yesterday, when i found out that a good friend and co-worker's family's home was completely destroyed in the wildfires in auburn, CA... all i could think was how could i help this family?

they came home from church on sunday and only had a few minutes to gather a couple things - a file of original birth certificates, a family picture from the wall and a diaper bag was all they managed to take with them. all of the rest of their belongings - clothes, dishes, appliances, photo albums, wedding keepsakes, blankets, music, furniture - everything.

e v e r y t h i n g is gone.

so, while i do not like asking for money, or fundraising in an manner, i feel like they need help.
this is an opportunity to serve.

i have started a collection for this family and, if you feel so inclined, would gladly welcome any other contributions.

they need anything and everything - they have to rebuild their lives from scratch. luckily, they have the gospel in their lives and have maintained an eternal perspective of things, but i'm sure it's not easy. clothes, dishes, blankets, gift cards, cash, anything, i'm sure would be greatly appreciated.

we am sending a package to them on friday, september 11.

if you would like to help,
please contact me at
to arrange pick up and/or drop off.

but most of all, please keep this (and the other families affected)
in your prayers.

i think that will help the most.