Wednesday, June 17, 2009

UPDATE: falling arms

Oh and I may or may not have a huge headache, stiff neck and lower back pain. Awesome.

Monday, June 15, 2009

beware: falling arms

So I may or may not have had an unexpected run in with the parking garage barrier arm.

And I may or may not have the worst headache ever. Stupid parking garage.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Oh how I've missed you, bed.

A week away has taken it's toll on my back. Now the carpets are clean, the smell is gone, and my bed beckoned. After a night of laundering blankets and sheets, my bed is once again inhabitable.

Many thanks to Em for letting me sleep at the Grandma house.

working from home

I think I'm attempting the impossible. I am working from home today. I did sneak into the office for a few hours this afternoon, but came back to the house to keep watch as several craftsmen of all kinds work on my mess of a house. The carpet guy I can deal with. He's quietly downstairs in the stank putting the basement back together again and cleaning up the mess. It's the tile guy upstairs that makes working from home impossible.

Don't get me wrong. I'm used to working in chaos. I've penned stories in a newsroom on election night, in a full basketball arena at deadline and called in a story in the middle of a chaotic fire. But trying to type in my living room while the tile guy blasts away? Impossible.

So instead I blog. My boss is going to love that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's amazing how much a little note or personal e-mail can change someone's day. I've been an extremely lucky girl the past week or so. Despite some frustrating days at work and the stress of not sleeping in my bed for a week now, I've been lucky enough to be lifted up by several friends, both publicly and anonymously. First it was a plate of cookies with an anonymous note the night my basement flooded. Then came several sweet e-mails from girls in my ward telling me of their love and appreciation. These folks went out of their way to express their love, and I so appreciate it. It serves as a gentle reminder to me that we all need to forget ourselves in the service of others, for the loving service rendered to me has left me truly uplifted.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

the scariest shower ever

Would you step foot into this?

'cause I refuse!

Imagine my horror when my landlord said it should "be OK" to just shower in the nasty shower without a ceiling for the next week or so. It should "be OK" to look up and see the rotting wood. It should "be OK" if maybe some little surprise falls down from the insulation above while I'm washing my hair. It should "be OK" for it, right?

Our shower, (yes, we only have one shower at my house) has been falling apart since the day we moved in. Then after Tuesday night's floods (that should be another blog post later. For now, think rain water, wet carpets and fun) our landlord came over and finally believed us when we said the shower was bad. It's not normally a good thing when the ceiling starts caving in and tiles fall off. And its never a good sign when there is visible water damage on the walls surrounding the shower.

Come to find out our toilet upstairs has been leaking. Yes, EVERY DAY it has leaked since we moved in. The pipe was cracked. So every time we flushed the upstairs toilet, water crashed down to the bathroom below and pushed on those shower tiles with such force that they finally gave up. Poor tiles were tired.

Hopefully we'll have a new ceiling for the ghetto pink shower downstairs. And cross your fingers we have convinced the landlord to put in a shower upstairs. It should be a fun few weeks of repairs at the Hubbard house.