Sunday, September 27, 2009

in the footsteps of greatness

I went to the BYU football game yesterday, and ran into a few BYU greats.

On the walk into the game, I literally almost ran right into BYU's President, Elder Cecil Samuelson. We did that awkward dance of, "Are you going left, or are you going right?" then he sheepishly said hello. I thought it was cute.

I'm sure Elder Samuelson had much better seats, and he probably got a free catered meal. I starved while watching the Cougs (they won by the way):

After the game we went over to the Brick Oven to buy some soup, and guess who was also in the takeout line? Oh yes, the great Lavell Edwards! I was too embarrassed to say anything to him. But I thought it was cool he was smart enough to call in his order, while we had to wait for them to cook ours.

The best moment of the day, however, came when seeing this man:

REALLY? Really... bare feet in the stands of Lavell Edwards Stadium? That's just wrong.


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amelia said...

EW!!! That is nasty. Although I think you can safely say there has never been any spilled beer or drunk barf on those stadium steps.